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NEW Wall of Fame

Throw a bullseye (in the center red circle) to be eligible to sign the wall!


Listen to your coach.
Closed-toed shoes must be worn by all.
EVERYONE must sign a waiver/release, including spectators.


Your axe must stay in your lane.
Return axe to axe holder; DO NOT hand axes to others.
NO horseplay, NO gesturing, NO swinging, NO flipping axes.
Hold axes only by the handle.
Personal axes must be covered or in a case while outside of the yellow safety line.
All uncovedred axes must stay in the yellow safety line.
NO uncovered axes are to be on the tables.


Only active throwers are allowed inside the yellow safety line.
No trick shots!
If you need help retrieving an axe, please ask a coach.
Hands are to be kept off the fencing at all times.
Do not touch wooden target boards to remove the axe.
Inform a coach of loose boards or damaged/loose axes.

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